Hello friends … old and new!

Life’s pretty good at the moment … I don’t want to tempt fate or anything, so let’s hope it stays like that for ages!

This year sees me and my good mates, Dreadlockalien, Andy Craven Griffiths, Kurly, Holly, Matt Windle and countless other wicked poets running around the country in headless chicken mode, in our capacity as “Colour Free Visions Poetry”. Let’s hope we bump into you at your school or college or even at a poetry festival somewhere!

You can also catch me playing guitar for SKABUCKS too … with Doc Martens and everything!

My book is still available … and it’s been selling really well! It’s a collection of my poems aimed at “the young and the young at heart”, that means no inappropriate language! It’s called THE DAY THE EARTH GREW HAIR (and other stuff) and is priced at £7.99 (plus £1.99 p&p) and is available NOW from my “shop” page. If you want a signed copy then let me know.

Don’t forget my ‘my space’ space, for gigs and general shenanigans. Be my friend! Here’s the link … http://www.myspace.com/spoz4 .

Find me on FACEBOOK if you like … search for Giovanni Spoz Esposito and you’ll find me!

If you’re a teacher and want to know what I can do for your school, have a look at the poetry or music workshops pages and drop me an E-Mail for a better chat …which reminds me … a massive “HELLO” to everyone I’ve seen and worked with last year at the various schools I’ve been to – especially the SANDWELL crews. A top night was had at THE PUBLIC in West Bromwich – well done everyone!

Keep right on and all that …

Spoz x